Author Topic: KickKat - Fuzztoast Clone  (Read 1472 times)

So some of you may or may not have heard of this guy, he recently bought blockland specifically to play with Fuzztoast (even though I tried directing him away from it). My friends brought him up a couple times, and I never thought he was as bad as this.

I was just playing on a freebuild server he happened to be super admin on (for some reason). He came up to me an changed his avatar so he was naked and started pretending to rape me. I ignored him so then he kept trying to walk in front of me and hammer me.

I told him to forget off, which further fueled the dumpster fire

He talks and acts a lot like fuzztoast, however, I didn't get any results when trying to look up his ID, so it is safe to say they're just two little kids who have stunted their mental health by exposing themselves to furry stuff at a young age.
Maybe in a few years they will realize what they are doing, or maybe they won't. It's hard to tell.

kickkat: the revenge of fuzztoast

coming soon in theaters near you

heard about this guy, and judging by this erp stuff it is the second coming of fuzztoast

he speaks the language of the ancients

thanks for making me aware about this. kickkat is now permabanned. to anyone i did kick for spamming bricks, just know im sorry. kickkat is the true troublemaker here.

stop bullying fuzztoast