Author Topic: Progress on Trophy Truck?  (Read 773 times)

I remember that RallyBlock had worked on a trophy truck for Blockland but I haven't seen any updates since he showcased it back in 2018. Earlier I searched for Blockland trophy truck on google to see if someone had beat him to it and saw this as one of the results:
(the original showcase RallyBlock did I think)

Does anyone happen to know if the project got cancelled or if its taking really long to do it? Because like other than that result I cant find anything else on google or Blockland forums about it or any other project, and also I am really curious to see how it runs and stuff.

Original post by him from 2018 (the link on this quote is invalid btw e.e):
Trophy Truck(View in 3D)

Still have a long way to go on this thing

the mist never returned.....