Author Topic: Need help finding an song from "Tezuni's Prison Escape" back when it was active  (Read 307 times)

Back when I used to play on that a stuffload back in like 2015-2016? I remember there was this sort of jukebox thing that would play music across the entire server. One song had the lyrics "Pink mailbox", the singer had this dumb voice on. If anybody could give me a source or just a list of all the custom music on that server that would be a huge help. Thanks.

Didn't the version on Tezuni's have really crappy vocals instead of the normal singing?

Was it called Chocolate Starfish?

Was it called Chocolate Starfish?
That's not what he's talking about but I remember this one too and it was my favorite because of how dumb it was.
Do you know where I can find Chocolate Starfish?

I remember asking Tezuni himself where Chocolate Starfish came from and he said he didn't even know - someone had uploaded it to the server or something.