Author Topic: Cei-Rigotti automatic rifle: would definitely be banned in California : {FIXED}  (Read 2513 times)

6/19: fixed a bug that would give an error message if you died.

Cei-Rigotti. The guy who made it? Cei-Rigotti.
This prototype was one of the first automatic rifles ever designed. It didn't get anywhere, though, probably because it sucked.

Here are some of its features:
*Unlimited ammo.
*High damage hybrid raycast-bullet system -  a bullet spawns when the raycast is out of range.
**Credit to Gravity Cat for his hitscan StaticShape model and code.
*Recoil system - mostly vertical deviation, with some side-to-side.
*Jamming system - fire too many bullets at a time, and your character has to clear the chamber!!

Other than the jamming feature, this gun is very overpowered - but also very fun to use.
Click the picture below to download. Let me know of any issues.

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this actually looks loving awesome

gumba please stop making so many good weapons so fast im gonna die of good weapon overexposure

raycasts don't damage and instead stuff in console
also would be cool if raycast shots did bullet puffs like the projectile shots do

forget wtf did i do... hold on

Fixed. I forgot to put in Support_RaycastingWeapons. I've also added a puff of smoke when the projectile spawns.

very cool. also could you make the raycasts on this and your other raycast guns trigger onProjectileHit on bricks?

I might. In the mean time you can use onBlownUp for hitscan hits, if that works for you.

Sorry, we will have to remove that ASSAULT STOCK and DEATH MAGAZINE so that this is California NYCSAFEACT compliant. Thank you.

this weapon is known to the state of california to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm

sorry bro we can't sell your gun, it's 1.5cm over the legal barrel limit...

Made a small fix to the Cei-Rigotti so it doesn't cause a useless error message in the console when anything dies. Stay tuned for an upcoming release.

>unlimited ammo
ah this is gonna suck

>gun jams if you fire too much
oo i just came from how good this wep is

interesting concept that changes combat dynamic, hoping to see more like this

That's a weird pasta dish.