Author Topic: give me all of your money  (Read 294 times)

hey guys i would appreciate it if you all would hand me every last drop of your dollars thanks. i need to buy the new ps5 and some steam games and i dont know how many steam games so maybe if you all could give me $1000 each thank you. i just would like some of your guys' money please, preferably if it had your dna on it. i will buy the ps5 and some steam games and some games on gog maybe too. also if you would send me a sample of your pee too that would be great. if i dont use all of it by november then i'll give back the money to you if youve been fully made. your money will go to ps5 and games. thats all. thank you for your time and thank you for your money. i want your money. bye i love you

please sir its just going to ps5 and maybe ps6 and steam and gog

Shut the forget up! God damn, brother!

you are poor your moms a w**** (do you lke my rap)