Author Topic: Liminal Kenopsia | Familiar Emptiness  (Read 893 times)

Searching the word "Liminal" will bring you images of this variation:

These images, they feel so familiar. Somber but they bring back a feeling of vague happiness.
Some sort of false nostalgia, with a sense of loss, but it's a loss that has long since been accepted.
But soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning, even with that in mind, is clearly wrong. No one is here, it's empty which makes the
sense of loss feel a lot more prevalent.

These are images without a contextual background to give them a specific location. If you do know their location, it's likely because
you've actually been there or because it was one of a million like it, not because you saw soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning highly identifiable.

These images represent Liminal Kenopsia.

The feeling of a transitional space that is empty. An area you don't think too much at the moment, but as you return there time and time again, it compiles in your memory. 
So when you break from it, you don't notice it's gone. But when you have soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning that strikes that familiar chord, it doesn't bring back a specific memory either.

doesnt do it for me sorry chief

whats that picture of the building that looks inside out or whatever

the cafeteria reminds me of the chow hall at MCRD San Diego. looks super similar.

almost every image in the op gave me immediate anxiety

this is the weirdest thing i've ever read

thanks for giving it a name though thats kinda cool

i like these images they are epic! hmmm which one should i set as my computer backround?

Ever been to a theatre like this before?

who the forget is that guy

have i been here before?

who the forget is that guy
Some say he still walks through those halls this very day.