great days
1 (8.3%)
traitors requiem
1 (8.3%)
end of the world
1 (8.3%)
bloody stream
6 (50%)
any first half op (chase, cnbt, etc)
3 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 12

Author Topic: best jojo op  (Read 848 times)

alright if you're a braindead loving retarded bandwagoning son of a bitch who hates the mere sight of jojo and stuffs on the show because all of your aspie ass friends post part 3 memes please go away. this is a thread for real men.

what is the best jojo op?

great days https://youtu.be/E3SLE19QLEs
traitor's requiem https://youtu.be/uMhJau3YY40
end of the world https://youtu.be/Ma-QcboGdM4
bloody stream https://youtu.be/KnmH7qQ0AVM

crazy noisy bizarre town because i spent over six loving hours of my life making a MIDI for it because i didnt want to pay some japanese dude for a premade MIDI

crazy noisy bizarre town

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i like Joe Joes Freaky Journey but if my friend knew he would be an starfish snark about it because he's one of Those jojo fans

bumpin the pucci mixtape rn
forgot how good this is

how could you not have sono chi no sadame as a standalone option? its like peak jojo mood

traitor's requiem hands down. great days and bloody stream also slap tho. end of the world is ALMOST good and i want to like it so bad, but it just doesn't quite make it for me. as for the first half ops i think my top three would be cnbt, chase, and fighting gold in no particular order. hated chase at first but it's really grown on me lol

call me a normie but bloody stream is kino

let the voice of love take you higher

torn between great days and crazy noisy bizarre town

i'm crossed between crazy noisy bizarre town and blood stream.