Author Topic: [FRESH] Dragon Longsword from RuneScape : {DEMO VIDEO}  (Read 2206 times)

thois sword was made for pwnijng golddigger noioobs in wilderness

hey, hey you! come on out here in the wildy, a rich guy just died while afk! come on and take some of the loot! hehehe
bro............. reported for luring

i may not look like it but i got 150 shooters on runescape

They thought I was gonna go to sleep. They thought I couldn't beat em. They thought I wouldn't defeat 'em. Wow! They thought wrong cuz I defeated them. I had to find not one, not two, but three maps... and then I had to take those three maps and I had to put 'em together. Then I had to go and buy a boat. I BOUGHT THE BOAT- no, before I bought the boat I had to REPAIR the boat. Hammer and nails, repairing this loving hole in this loving boat. Then after I repaired the boat, I had to sail in the water and get attacked... and it killed the homie- you didn't see, THEY KILLED THE HOMIE! I DEFEATED THAT DRAGON FOR THE HOMIE!!