Author Topic: Reply to "About this one guy called CreeperKid50," 3 years later  (Read 646 times)

swift hyena please unblock me on s team and discord pelaseaeee

swift hyena please unblock me on s team and discord pelaseaeee
Oh no, not you!

at least you weren't this guy;u=138672
haha really creative and funny reply swifthyena, what will he think of next?

I feel ya dude. Don't know you so don't have an opinion on ya but all I can say is I relate.

not a single person here remembers who the forget you are
I actually did remember his name and there being a drama about him, I just donít remember details
Also if this is normal then yeah, I was a retarded kid once too. Sorry for making you all cringe when I did

A long time ago I used to be on the forums back in like 2013/2016 and I was a complete mess. My spelling, my attitude, just me in general. I always felt like everyone was attacking me and I just responded in that way. Its honestly embarrassing because I was like 15. I'm 21 now and not trying to toot my own horn but I've grown and changed in so many ways. I don't even know if people even remember me at all but my point being is I have been in your shoes. Aslong as you show you've changed for the better than what you were before I think thats all that matters.

You were creeperkid50? Damn

thanks creeperkid50 for joining my server back when I was building Dagobah