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me too at most of that. I'll be 25, not 28, but it's still like. I am an adult with a serious career. how is that even possible? when I first really started posting here it was summer break before my 8th grade year. I was a damn middle schooler and now I've got a lease? I have to pay for my own forgetin health insurance? whose idea was this?
also won't be going to a high school reunion whenever that happens. I'm probably not even eligible? you probably have to graduate for that
some of the most realist common sense stuff I've heard you say fr - fk it show up there anyways and be like "ayyye whats good" haha. life is so much different after highschool whether u graduated or not bro we all got our own crazy personal lives to deal with and if you're tryin your best and making it thru thats all that counts :)

Well yea but actually Oh Oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, hey
High school never ends