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Go to a Church. For real.

or burn some anti ghost grass, choose your deity

believe it or not, your brain is a loving complex,powerful, piece of stuff. by continuously talking about these experiences and fueling/putting energy into it you are actually in fact manifesting it to exist. literally the easiest way in the past that I was able to get rid of this weird stuff is by literally denouncing "it's" existence. I don't believe in anything, but I do believe that your brain is powerful enough to make things exist if you allow it to. I've found that verbally telling yourself that these things don't exist usually help. These sorts of manifestations can happen within dreams or while you are awake, usually showing up around times of extreme stress/depression/negativity/or other life changing events. Please make sure to take care of yourself and understand that nothing can hurt you but yourself.

no the ghost is real he is just trying to hide the truth, it has taken over him, RUNNNN they will get you im being serious you need to protect yourself from the monsters ok yourr brain cant make that it is real

listen to unregistered, he just gave some wack-ass good-ass advice.

listen to unregistered, he just gave some wack-ass good-ass advice.

something's outside my window. 2 taps. 4 AM. 2 taps. 5 AM.

You need to hide they are after you

I bet they have gotten you already smh

Ooo! perfect thread.

I'm a security guard who frequently patrols a historical site. I work any shift. Dayshift, midnight, whatever. I don't care.

I have a lot of different experiences with just straight up weird, unexplainable stuff happening. I do my rounds in a historical mansion that is a loving old. Back when the Civil war was still around. That being said, there is a lot of history about the place. Lots of dark stuff too. Now this place is loving unnerving. I kind of dread when I have to work that shift. Anyone on here who follows me on Instagram knows, as I post creepy stuff on my story from time to time. I'm equipped with my flashlight during the night, where there are no lights on throughout the building. There is a lot of spooky noises to be heard. Footsteps, voices, furniture sliding, its all kind of unpleasant to be around. I have to wear headphones and blare metal through them just to make the shift bearable. I am the only person in this building, and I know otherwise. Hearing footsteps when nobody is around, isn't cool. I've heard a voice twice. Like a quick "ah." or "aye." or a quick unintelligible word. Some other coworkers have claimed to hear coherent words or sentences. You can hear the noise of a chair sliding across the hardwood floors, usually above you or down the hallway. Oh, by the way, the hallways are loooooooooooong. Its out of a loving horror movie.


I'm on my 3pm - 11pm shift where I have to do my rounds once during the sunlight (forget yeah) and once at 10pm (shiiiit). One of the places I have to do it in is that old ass mansion along with some other, not so scary parts of the property. So, I'm about halfway through that walk, and I'm in this one larger room. To give some picture, its kind of like a foyer or a lobby. A big door that leads to a patio, a few chairs, and a big spiral staircase. Employees and guests are not allowed on this staircase as it is part of the historical architecture unless its an emergency. So, I'm walking into this room, and I see this loving person on the stairs. White person. Not Caucasian white, but like a loving white figure with distinguishable facial features and attire. I could tell in an instant that this was not a *real* person. I remember seizing up for about a second, then I speed walked back the way I came from, unlocked the emergency exit that I just locked, and forgeted right off. I was shivering so hard, that I kept fumbling the keys which just made me shiver worse. I made a conscious effort not to look behind me. I radio'd dispatch and told them what I saw and that I would have to go home. Luckily, it was right at the end of my shift so they weren't too upset with me. They did however confirm that I was the only person in the building.

But back to this person I saw. I really can't describe it. I forgot the facial features very fast but I do remember that they were distinguishable. IE: I could tell that he had eyes, a nose and a mouth, while still being completely white. I looked up a picture of "ghost on stairs" to find something that I could give an example of, and this is the closest thing I found.

Reminder: THIS IS NOT MY PICTURE! This is just the closest thing to what I saw. I saw someone of average height, probably male, no hair.

I've always heard horror stories from my coworkers who work that shift often, and some of their stories are much creepier than mine. I believed that they heard stuff I would always call bullstuff when they would say they saw something.