Author Topic: what is the worst/best default save  (Read 2275 times)

Pirate world is the best of and the worst the demo house

best: acm city

worst: apartment
yeah honestly forget apartment. i remember before loading it for the first time like "woah holy stuff a whole building im gonna explore each floor" sike its just a facade and you can barely even get through the front door

best: you

worst: wardof mesothelioma and cheesepizza2

Best are Afghanistan and CTF, worst is apartment. I think I've been tricked twice into thinking the apartment had an interior.

By the way, where are the jeep's wheels in House's save image?

Best: Sirrus Military Compound. Wish we could've seen what it looked like when it was fully functional.

Worst: Haunted House. Easily my least-loaded default save. Impossible to find without admin warping, and not even that interesting to explore.

apartment bad, bedroom good, report to moderator button on the right

yall sleeping on arch of constantine smh

i have an odd bias towards demo fort

and for some unknown reason cottage just irritates me

forget apartment

all my homies hate apartment

best absolutely arch of constantine. bedroom worst

best absolutely arch of constantine. bedroom worst
how is bedroom bad