Author Topic: wholesome forumer appreciation post  (Read 437 times)

everything about victor2005 is just so god damn friendly and innocent. why do you have to blind us with your cute posts VICTOR
Oh I didn't know lol.

Rn I'm drinking kool aid!
I prefer both.

I'm too afraid to drive irl, but I hope i pass when I reach 11th grade

god bless you

this glass of blue raspberry lemonade kool aid goes out to you victor2005

it's like the opposite of the drama board

may he pass the driving test with flying colors and drink kool aid till the day he dies

nope victor2005 never dies

if everyone on blf was like victor, there'd be no need for a heaven. We'd already be there

I, MilliNaire, submit a toast to Victor2005 for successfully managing to forum sans drama. Congratulations, Victor, enjoy your forum.

I need to run out and buy some blue kool aid bc of this man, he's amazing.