Author Topic: Sugar/Akira give Another chance in the server  (Read 6008 times)

as it stands, the cesspool that is the arkadian will remain due to discord staff being ignorant. if only discord staff actually read reports since this stuff is actually illegal and could threaten lives

no matter what we do, these reddit-level humor stuffstains are protected by the "don't give a forget about illegal stuff" discord staff. i wish we could do much more, but we forgetin cant
bro discord staff themselves are basically child enthusiasts, remember the whole outrage after discord admin said that furry child research wasn't against the tos

the Debuff guy went on a rampage after I called him out, since he's mod he unmuted me and pinged a few times to start a fight, he changed his profile picture to Sugar's face for a bit and started impersonating her, then spammed her face in #general, threatened to make alts to DM me, and now I'm banned for "starting stuff"

how old is debuff
18-20 apparently, also a white English kid who thinks hes black (says the N word unironically)
accidentaly posted 2 of the same screenshot and didn't include this, sorry for the stuffty sketching as I'm on mobile

holy stuff i can FEEL how pale this cracker is

i cant believe people still unironically say topkek

so they act all cool and whatever but when the fuzz shows up they pusillanimous individual out