Author Topic: Crouch breaks Shooter Playertype?  (Read 246 times)

So I've always been a huge fan of BlockAlpha's Shooter playertypes for many reasons, but the main one is that when you're using the playertype, whatever gun you're holding doesn't take up the entire right side of the screen. In the FP view, it's much lower and at a reasonable spot so that you're not completely blind from your right. I also liked the slight view-bob when walking.

But suddenly, for reasons I'm sure have nothing to do with my other add-ons, the playertype won't work. Once I start a game right from the menu, it'll make it's way to the loading datablocks screen and then stop right at the end, not loading further no matter how long I wait. Through some messing around, I found out that only the running versions of the playertype will work. The crouching ones won't. The running playertype's FP view is garbage though, since the gun is way too high on the screen and you can't see 1/4 of it. He fixed that with the crouching versions, but none of them will, when enabled, allow me to even load the game.

So I went into the zip and removed the crouching dsq files from the folder and from the source code. Now the game will load and I can use the playertype, but the hands are ALL jacked up. When standing still, they're just held out in front of the playertype like a zombie, and if you're holding a weapon and moving, the weapon just stays in its hand as it does the default walking animation, which is horrible.

The playetypes suddenly started having these issues three months ago before my last computer basically imploded and I got a new one. Same issue. So
it's the add-ons themselves.

So what do I do? Is there a way to adjust a weapons FP view without a playetype, so that you can actually see the screen? I really hate being able to see my entire gun from the butt to the muzzle when I'm holding it. It ruins the immersive Doom-Quake thing I'm trying to do right now. Some weapons, like the Vulcan from the Tier Tactical series don't have this issue, being placed low, backwards, and a little to the left. Is it just the model itself? Cause I couldn't find anything in the code to suggest otherwise.

BTW, I am NOT a coder in anyway. I've just been playing this game a while and learned of a few things I can tweak so that I can play the game the way I want. (like removing the extremely irritating gun-explosion sound for some guns and replacing it with one that doesn't make me clap my hands on my ears when I hear it)