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welcome back to another top 10, This top 10 is blockland facts that are true so lets get in to it

number 1: Celau didn't do may 2nd hacking according to compix he said that caden100 acutally did it
number 2: Freeday was arrested for ddosing tekari and block after he was impeached from mayor in community rp (wow freeday is toxic)
number 3: Jinux was alt of rtb owner, since he shutdown rtb because it was stuff. He made bl glass
number 4: BLF were made so everyone can make drama topics on games they got banned from
number 5: Tekari lies
number 6: According to dna of Kickkat, he is ghost
number 7: Badspot got arrested on august 16th
number 8: Grapple knife was not hacked, no keys were used
number 9: 19 created
number 10: demo versions log ips now
what dino said to me

forget deadfall07
This drama is still going
sorry for bad drama post.
okay retard im trying explain this... but your are loving talking stuff about me braindead idiot

also what is your obsession with fuzztoast? are you a child groomer?
dont pick fuzztoast god damn it
imagine fuzztoast put it in music subforum

we get it dude you don't like deadfall you don't have to pull a swifthyena and bring drama into discord servers

this will not make him stop. as long as the trio are around we can expect to see more of this stuff

He's not right in the head. It's pathetic he's still doing this even after he got permabanned for racial slurs in the SKC server.

The SKC server has been getting DDOS'd with lagspikes and outright crashing it just moments after restarting it. It was working fine yesterday and today after uploading a new speedkart video, the like to dislike ratio has a higher than usual dislike number so I know for a fact it's him with either alts or other users.

19 is a retard but so are you deadfall lmao the community keeps sucking your richard and they're all retards

19 is a retard but so are you deadfall lmao the community keeps sucking your richard and they're all retards
why do I feel like you're talking out of your ass

my previous experiences with deadfall have only been negative in every way

and the community sucks his richard because he makes retarded videos

i called him unfunny and he banned me from skc lmao

pinnacle of a forums user's trolling

pinnacle of a forums user's trolling
all you have to do is tell the forum users to look up "WingedKirby4" on google

the kidalex daily checklist
bother ✓
bother some more ✓
thoroughly look through every scrap of information that may give something embarrassing and/or not wanted to be associated with their other accounts publicly
post bit by bit of that information to be "funny" ✓
look in mirror and cry ✓

the kidalex daily checklist
acquire the hypnotic gate ✓
acquire the triangular gate ✓
acquire the substitution gate ✓
escape from the cycles of guilt ✓