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relative to what? I'm better than I could be by far, but not half as good as I would be if I was better than I am.

i vowed to leave this forum at the start of 2018 but i keep coming back to check things out. it's like crack cocaine
while i didn't vow to leave (i kinda just did)... honestly yeah this statement is pretty much me


ayy i got meddle too!

for me i've been through a weird series of ups and downs...currently on a up. end of 2019 was kinda bad, i got into a car accident by taking a left and a impatient old lady came out of a side street and hit me hard. i wasn't hurt nor the idiot driver, however i had to get a new car after JUST paying it off.

after all of that i kinda just slowed down a bit, but other than that i've been doing fine.

Last year in college.
God help me.

Been feeling rather AUFUHRHEEJJSJSNWAQKKA,AA lately