Author Topic: Laws on cover songs  (Read 554 times)

You know im lost in the sauce when i come the friggin BLF for help. so i may release an album eventually but i have one or two songs i want to cover and put on there. i figure that as long as i dont charge for the album i cant get into any trouble as im making no profit from the music. but everything i find online im not completely understanding, so either its very complicated or im handicapped, any of you guys know anything regarding this?

typically you can post covers without any issue, but if you want to be sure then contact the publisher for a sync license this site will show you who owns different songs if you need to check

I think ur good
the first and third of these absolutely got a sync license to cover their asses, the second one isn't a cover and the publisher probably just isn't enough of an ass to file for it to be taken down