Author Topic: Nintento Leaks 2: Electric Boogaloo  (Read 496 times)

What we've got so far:

-Pokemon Emerald Source Code + Soundtrack midis and audio sequences
-Wii Startup Disc (Previously Lost Media and Unused content)
-Gamecube Documentation

This one is very boring but interesting at the same time

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This audio file located in the Pokemon Emeralds devtools
i forgot how to make it so that it says some words and when you click them it sends you to the actual link

Quote from Austin Powers from the movie The Spy Who Shagged Me.

when’s pokemon netherite coming

I'm still pretty happy we got the Wii Startup Disc, a lot of people thought it was just lost to time up until that point

Soundtrack midis and audio sequences
my man you do know that you can just use sappy to get those right

i hope to god that they release 64dd stuff at some point

more leaks are out apparently
game boy related stuff (including unreleased titles and localizations), documents for ds/wii
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what about the sm64 leaks and all that?