Author Topic: W.I.P Halloween Film - Filming Completed!  (Read 5786 times)

In collaboration with the Blockbusters Productions film clan, I'm helping produce another film to be released by Halloween 2020. This would be the fifth film I've produced so far, and I recommend you look at my others on YouTube if you want to see my experience.

Film Description:
Synopsis: As Halloween grows near, a rancher begins to notice supernatural events unfolding at his pumpkin patch.
About The Film: The film will be roughly two minutes. We need actors to portray the pumpkin-patch-goers, supernatural entities, and the pumpkin patch owner. (Some of these background roles could be automated.)

Screenshot of the set, built by Cowtastic, Daffytitanic, Kreftos and I:

Roles: Casting closed!

Shoot me a PM if you're interested, I don't get too many of those so I'll have an easy time sorting your contacts out.
Also join the Blockbusters Productions' discord server to get involved with the film making process:

*Some of this information may be subject to change later on as the film develops and if ideas shift.

Happy Halloween everyone, we look forward to releasing this film.
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That may or may not be so, but would you like to be in the film?

If we are an actor then do we need to voice act

If we are an actor then do we need to voice act

Optionally. There will be voices in the video, but who's acting and who's voice acting is irrelevant in the final film.