Author Topic: og blockland users where you at  (Read 1721 times)

Wow there's some names I haven't seen in a while!

i don't recognize half of all you motherforgeters

also forget you frankie, you know why

i rarely ever post here but i got a 10k ID, does that count?

OG checking in.
do you by chance still have any bl saves?

i know im not crazy. there definitely used to be a user named King Mangobean and he would macro build posters of himself over the bedroom poster on every server hosting bedroom. he did this every day for a pretty long time lol

ive been looking for a while i wanna find that poster so bad. not many users from around then to ask tho :(

I don't have any saves like that sadly.

I don't have any saves like that sadly.
damn. you still in touch with any other old folk that might have something i could get in touch with? that poster is a staple of 2007 bl to me

once i find it ill either make a print out of it and have it framed or actually build the poster with real lego and have that framed

EDIT: totally understand if nah. hope life has been treating you well all these years

Mangobean was real. His posters, his statues, everything. Unfortunately, I don't have any of his works saved either :(

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