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Hartham City is a city RP project that I've been working on for over 2 years and a focus on comic book style vigilante and criminal roleplay, but flexible enough for normal city roleplay.
The server takes influences from RP and RPG servers by having daily job income, fully robbable banks and stores with NPCs, and a map where you can purchase or build any building.

The map is in its mid-late stages of development and am looking for volunteer builders and coders. Everything you see in the screenshots are just my buildings.

Original item pack including vigilante costumes, masks, armor, and various civilian clothing.
Hardware Store
Automated subway
Interiors for main buildings: City Hall, Hartham Bank, Hartham Jail,
Central Park

Credits: Gentle Spy, Block King124, Gothboy
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and credits to other people who lagged server last time

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peak at some of the masks

Peak at the kind of ads and posters that are being made

very unique style with those skyscrapers, I like it