Author Topic: irrel.irrelvenmt being a provokative andd passive aggreeesive mod (ft. bcc)  (Read 2551 times)

prestense: irrell was deleting certiajn memes i posted on bcc becuase they were in a different language despite there being postfs that were somewhat recent thatt were clearly in different languages in other channels (can easilyy be found by scrolling up in #music)

irrell then proceedds to mute me a 2nd time, no explanation/responsew given over the 2nd mute by conan or irrel, my assumption is to generate anotherh response just to ban me
good job you forget you certainly got your response

soiurce/fullsize image


ps; i fullly do ujnderstand why the rule is in place, i woudlve just stopped if irrel just stopped @ deleting my aWFUL!!!!! ANDM DISGUSTING!!!!!!! post but i guesss he has to instigate a responce

sorry if thew img ends up stretching the post/tehe text is unreadable because of size, just check the imgur in that case

/support, irrel needs to stop loving powermodding

WHEN WILL YOU LEARN, WHEN WILL YOU LEARN TO NOT POST MEMES, IN THE GENERAL CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jokes aside, BCC's filled with powermods who also moderate Brickadia so why even bother.

completely forgot i was banned from there lmao

nobody is going to drama the ad bot for putting random ads in forum threads?

i personally think the moderation in bcc is pretty terrible and selective, but it's not going to change any time soon. just do what they sayswhen you do talk there and try not talking there, since they have no power over you in other discords

you can't mod stuff on a server if you can't understand it but all argument shouldve really ended there

As someone that's regularly on staff watch in the BCC I find the moderation to be one of the fairest I've seen yet (and I've had posts of my own removed). The mods are people too, they don't see literally every message. If they happen to see yours and it breaks a rule, they will remove it. If you message them about the other posts violating the rules they will remove them as well.

yues getting randonmly put onto warning 2 and gettign muted w/o any context or reason is fvery fair thanks for readingn the evidence

you know you're going to have a good time when you get told to continue your conversation in another channel and the other channel has a year long cooldown

ii think it mightve been the one ofw the old guy talkign with the cat

guys please keep memes out of #general please

Potatoh getting ready to purposefully type like an idiot to annoy people while knowingly breaking rules on the BCC discord

Potatoh getting ready to purposefully type like an idiot to annoy people while knowingly breaking rules on the BCC discord

n-no..,,,....... muy friends are j-just!!!!!!!!!!! y-yyioure a troll!!!!!