Author Topic: Left 4 dead 2 new update  (Read 838 times)

Well theres not so much to talk about until 24th so stay tuned

The new update is ready for playing

You should have brought more content with ya

never playing l4d2 with little demon ever again...

finished the last stand finale and my game got hit with the glop rifle

I liked it, pretty much what I expected, probably gonna play around with it more (L4D's one of my favorite series so I was prob gonna play it a lot regardless). The L4D1 common infected & L4D1 special infected skins being officially integrated back into the game along with an actual L4D1 'mode' for the campaign is a very nice treat, too.

I havnt played the new map yet myabe when I can play it i will post some thing here

map sucked, cold stream debatably better
you'll notice css weapons weren't in the regular game because theyre unfinished
the animations are horrible on the css weapons
the uzis are really awkward in first person
i only noticed the l4d1 tank on the new campaign and that's about it
I've only installed weapon mods to replace the css weapons

Map sucks cuz:
my first play took 30 minutes on the first level because the door I had to go through was pitch black
very not obvious you jump down from the radio tower outpost thing
overall felt like they didn't try to guide you at all

maybe some things are left out because they're not as quality as the rest of the game