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This series shows my builds over the past eight years of playing Blockland. Even though they're unfinished, who knows if I will ever finish them. Even if I never do, I believe they deserve to be shown to the public - as I would not forgive myself if they drifted away into the cyber-void - were lost forever - and the only remembrance of them anybody had was only in my own head.

A blimp is - in layman's terms - a small cabin slung to a giant balloon.
An airship is multiple times larger, and has an internal structure.

This airship was the first one I had ever made. I started with a section of large rings, which I gradually filled with traversable ship decks.
The more I worked on it, the more I realized both the shape and design was unpractical, unrealistic, and way too large.


Exterior view of ship from rear port

Gangway leading to side entrance of ship

Interior entryway of ship

Ticket offices and ship check-in

Main elevator lobby - 6 servicing the upper 2/3 of area and 2 for lower 1/3 of area.

Information desk in main elevator lobby.

Lost and Found, Security offices.

Tech lounge - starboard side of ship. Originally was supposed to be library but that seemed silly.

View of atrium from main level.

View of on-board cinema facade and box office

Cinema concessions area

Theater - blackout curtains and seats can be removed to create additional banquet / recreational space

24 Hour fast food (Below decks)

24 Hour convenience store (Below decks)

Interior cabin (below decks)

Starboard cabin (below decks)

Port cabins - each equipped with an open-air balcony usable at low wind speeds.

Vending machines on an upper deck.

Ship's main restaurant

Small banquet area overlooking main deck.

Airline offices

Casino and bar area - beneath main restaurant.

Sitting area - Beneath casino

Crew cabin

Fine dining restaurant area

Rear roosterpit located in lower vertical stabilizer - not to replace roosterpit never built in front of ship.

Exterior of lower vertical stabilizer - inspired by one of the U.S. Navy's airships.

Cross-section of ship decks.

After the final vision of that ship slowly became completed I realized a couple things;
  • The long, perfectly cylindrical shape was neither realistic nor resemblant of the mighty airships of the early 20th century.
  • This was a broad-strokes creation. I did not feel as if I had put as much detail into it as I could have.

This prompted me to create a smaller airship, whose added attention to detail would outweigh the sheer size of my previous creation.


Side profiles of ship - unfinished.

Glass observation window in bar area - unfinished.

Lower dining area and atrium - for larger groups.

Upper dining area and atrium - for smaller groups.

View of lower and upper dining areas from atrium.

Passenger loading / unloading stairway when grounded.

Elevator bank (1/4).

Bottom vending machine / stairs landing.

Large passenger cabins.

Large suite (1/2) located at the front of gondola.

Smaller passenger cabins - unfinished.

Bridge - Embarrassingly unfinished.

Juliette balconies of large rooms and unfinished exterior.

I apologize for the large images.
Feel free to comment.

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this loving blows. by blow, i mean similar to that of a lewinsky. the best lewinsky in the world that makes me blow a load in seconds. thank you for this

holy mother of christ

what a giant build, damn. can really tell the amount of heart and soul you put into it.