Author Topic: Ahoy spamming forums right now?  (Read 1024 times)

She posting random forums about random stuff and 1st one she posted was loving flashing thing...

and also copied forum post, saying it died.
Idk if this goes in drama or what, Check off topic you might see posts by her. Imma link it
Since the old one died....

No more alts, no more second chances. Once you get banned, you're out of the game. This is BATTLE ROYALE.

1. Report someone. If they get banned, provide proof it was you who reported them and you get 1 point.
2. Upon providing proof your first kill, you are added to the leaderboard.
3. If you get banned, you are taken out of the game permanently and stricken from the leaderboard.
4. The game is over once there is nobody left to get banned.

To be determined

Let the games begin.
^^^ stolen forum post (forum post by her) VVVVV (she even reposted one from badspot lol wtf)

anyone wanna see all of this stuff go in off topic

since all of your are probably up or sleeping here screenshots incase you missed it

Finished already? I expected more.

19 just tryna cash in on that blf drama smh

this may very well be the first drama I've seen to resolve the subject matter before page 2