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Author Topic: Eating Dolphins  (Read 393 times)

I cannot think of a more abhorrent act. Thereís so much research to suggest that they are second to Humans in intelligence and they even save Humans from sharks every year.

If your country eats dolphins, and I donít care if itís cultural; you are a third world country and probably donít have a space program because your people are retarded.

ive never even heard of anyone eating dolphins

makes you swim faster

Badspot you communist did you censor my post :(

Thank you!
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you can't eat dolphins. they're in the water

you can't eat dolphines. it's an emulator

I will catch that son-of-a-bitch with my bare hands then

doing some Bella Donna there sheep?

don't dolphins literally rape each other

don't dolphins literally rape each other
they are one of the few animals that will have love for pleasure.
Iím not sure why I made this I just got the motivation to get a degree in marine biology and psychiatry to teach them to speak. Iím potentially bipolar.
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