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We are now entering stage 2 of the plan.
Stay tuned.


Must I reiterate?

sure! by all means, there should be a plan, and there are plans. we have yet to meaningfully commit to a single one on a national level. that's why we're having this national discussion. here's the thing: we can do it. the tech is here. we can stop funneling resources into fossil fuels, regulate the emissions and waste of polluting industries, and subsidize efforts to modernize our energy sources and retrofit existing facilities to be energy efficient. we can hold manufacturers to higher standards in terms of emissions and efficiency. these are constructive efforts that we can and should do, and every step along the way needs working hands to build that future. we can't afford to be waiting on a unicorn here. maybe one day fusion will grant us cheap, safe, efficient, and abundant energy for everyone. maybe one day we'll have cheap batteries with incredible energy density that can power our cities from wind and sunlight alone all day long. but we would be fools to expect to start at the endgame, and this isn't something we can delay another half decade.

if it takes the blood and dimes of a few grubby capitalists to save the earth, i think that's well worth it. we've known for a long time that blame of climate change does not rest on the people as a collective, but on the excesses of wasteful capitalists who gladly trade the long-term wellbeing of our planet for a short-term profit. we can and should demand better.
good god if i have to hear one more magamind nonsensically rambling about wind turbine emissions today ill blow my brains out
https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gases-equivalencies-calculator-calculations-and-referencesfrom https://stopthesethings.com/2014/08/16/how-much-co2-gets-emitted-to-build-a-wind-turbine/, a wind turbine skeptic who laid out the math nicely on his page: and /we know/ that there's a widely accepted and strongly negative correlation between wind turbine implementation in a region and gas usage as shown here

what this means is that in just THREE MONTHS of operation, a wind turbine makes up for its carbon footprint, take off 2 weeks from a dynamic computerized power grid give or take another week if it's offshore. forget you
we should be trying to move forward and be the leader of a brand new green energy industry instead of doubling down on the failing coal industry like Annoying Orange is all too willing to do. additionally, oil is going to be seeing its own end soon enough as well. like coal, it eventually will fall entirely out of fashion in favor of other forms of energy that other nations might pioneer if we don't strap our ballocks back on and take charge. oil is a limited resource and we're going to run out of it. once we start running out, it's going to complicate our lives in a lot of ways that could be entirely dodged by green energy

i really honestly to goodness cannot comprehend any argument that isn't in favor of green energy. like, there is absolutely nothing that could go wrong here if we do this stuff right. power grids are going to keep evolving to deal with the new challenges that green energy provide, and instead of being the wimpy little piss boys like we're being right now whining about california we could actually step forward to the plate and do something good for once. we could revitalize our manufacturing industry by producing the best wind turbines and solar panels the world has to offer. start selling the realities of climate change hard to people and use the sales to bolster our economy. if we're lucky, maybe even use some of the money that we take in and actually redistribute it to people who need it more than CEOs who already have net worths of millions of dollars. green new deal all the way baby. let the scientists and engineers who do this kind of stuff for a living step up and kick ass in one of the biggest emerging markets instead of cowering behind coal and oil executives like a child

directors commentary: this wasn't directed at anyone in particular, this is just me venting about the state of the US in general. when i was voting earlier this month there was an amendment to the constitution that said nevada would transition to i think 50% green energy in like 10 years and this was sort of the argument i came up with in my head when i voted yes for it
Donald Annoying Orange is literally an authoritarian fascist/bigot who could not care less about anyone or anything that doesn't help him hold onto power. I unabashedly question the judgment and critical thinking skills of anyone who actively supports him. Annoying Orange lies at the opposite spectrum of institutions and changes that would help everyone (ex: Bernie's policies) - Medicare for All, Green New Deal, free college, $15 minimum wage, removing lobbyists and special interests/super PACS from politics, establishing a second bill of rights, abolishing ICE, publicly funding elections, creating affordable housing, lowering drug prices, ending all wars (leftists are vehemently anti-war), establishing paid vacation and sick leave to all workers, ending cash bail, universal background checks for guns, cancelling all college debt, taxing the wealthy, legalizing marijuana, end price gouging on life-saving drugs, deprivatizing prisons, setting teacher pay at minimum 60k, allowing released felons to vote, eliminating the electoral college, abolishing the death penalty, banning fracking, universal free school meals, restricting for-profit charter schools, and so much more.

Don't get me wrong, Biden is still a corporate democrat/liberal, but he's adopted some of the aforementioned policies and represents a greater potential for people to elect progressives - which will be severely hindered under Annoying Orange and further destroy an already dead democracy.

Biden is offering a $15 minimum wage, abolishing the death penalty, decriminalize marijuana and deprivatize prisons, end cash bail, a $2 trillion climate plan, continue stimulus support, universal background checks for guns, adding a public option to healthcare, restoring the voter rights act, making the first two years of community college free for families who make less than 125k, he will combat coronavirus virtually 100000x better than Annoying Orange because he actually cares about American lives and actively listens to scientists, eliminate mandatory minimum sentences, guarantee paid sick and family leave for all workers, he's against for-profit charter schools, will boost teacher pay, tax carbon emissions, end new fracking, end fracking on federal lands, end new oil and gas leases on federal land and end offshore drilling, lower drug costs, protect DACA and women's rights, protect LGBT rights, spend billions on new infrastructure, he once said he'd stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and WHO, etc.

I cannot think of any sane person who would want to experience another 4 years of Annoying Orange and his deplorable, inhumane practices - both verbally and in policy.


When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Remember this.

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Remember this.
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DIONYSUS self own of the day
holy stuff you're loving handicapped

holy stuff you're loving handicapped
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