Author Topic: Support won't respond to my emails or Forum messages about my disabled key  (Read 822 times)

Support won't respond to my emails, or Forum messages about my disabled key, even through the email that I purchased Blockland with.
It is apparent that my key was included on the May 2nd, 2020 key compromise.

What should I do?

maybe try @tweeting badspot directly? im not really sure what else you can do. if he refuses to check his email/dm's, or refuses to respond to your requests for help, not much anyone can do.

I'm just going to say be patient. According to his forum profile, he hasn't even been online in a week.

worst case you buy a new key on the christmas sale assuming that still happens this year. goes for only a few dollars i think

I hope you can get a response or are able to get a new key, I would love to see your horror adventure servers again this Halloween

Hey guys! It's been resolved