Author Topic: a swat team is breaking into your house.  (Read 725 times)

you've been reported for some reason, and the swat is currently at work kicking down the door. you have 3 minutes before they get to your room. what do you do, and if you have the option, what's your plan to escape?

but i live on the 3rd floor because im rich and i have 4 floors so i would go in the  elavator not the stairs

invite them in
you get shot and die because you were reported for housing terrorist equipment. the end.

take a sharpie to my face and put a bra on and tell them i identify as a black trans female so they can't do anything

tell them they werent invited

turns out they came by to give you a housewarming gift. they werent breaking into your home, they were helping you break in your new home. you kindly thank them and continue renovating the kitchen

yell from the other side of the door “FBI OPEN UP”

yell from the other side of the door “FBI OPEN UP”
holy stuff