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On November 5, 2020, Austin Hargrave a.k.a; PeanutButterGamer, was arrested in his Washington home due to possession of drugs. He was found in his upstairs bedroom, foaming at the mouth, and screaming profanities. Police investigated the area and found large quantities of cannabis and cocaine. Large amounts of alcohol were also thought to be a cause. He is currently in the Western State Hospital recovering. His girlfriend, Danielle, told Washington Police 'he had been acting odd lately' and 'he wasn't like himself'...
holy stuff guys

what the actual forget, i just made this thread

This is  probably the best BLF inside joke

This is  probably the best BLF inside joke
it was real i saw it happen pbg lived across the street from me

This isn't a joke

people die every day while cocaine continues to exist. its time to outlaw people.

i will find him

i will capture him

and no one will ever die again

This. This is why I still come here.