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I want to make a massive item tierlist of flash games before December 31st because I saw martin cito post a video of an "ultimate" flash game tier list and it only had 32 items, so I want y'all to help me have a list of names before i set up the list since there's only so many games I can think of. The only exceptions are MMO-like games (Club Penguin, BattleOn, etc.), scene select flash games (Kill Crazy Jay, etc.), demos of actual games (Binding of Isaac Demo, Hungry Knight [a prerequisite to Hollow Knight but it still counts], etc.), and researchographic flash games. The only other thing I'd say is to choose ones that you distinctly remember. The attached list are ones I'm already putting so y'all can tell me ones I haven't already put.

Tiers are as follows:
Could be Sold Standalone
Good/Still Holds Up

[Edit]List from the Notepad File I've attached since it'll be easier if I just put it in the post, I'll post updates as replies to this thread:
Alien Hominid
Dad n' Me
Madness Project Nexus (Classic)
Madness Interactive
Interactive Buddy
Jelly Battles
Mutilate a Doll
BloonsTD Series
Bloons Series
Happy Wheels
Duck Life Series
Run Series
Papa's "-eria" Series
World's Hardest Game Series
Raft Wars 1 & 2
Shopping Cart Hero
Cut the Rope
Rat Maze 1 & 2
Fancy Pants Series
Chaos Faction 1 & 2
Dragon Game
GunMaster Series
MoonMaster Rahkon
Cupid's Revenge
Jedi Trainer
Dino Run
Electric Man 2
Gold Miner
Dummy Never Fails 1 & 2
Super Smash Flash Series
Quibeland 1 & 2
Potty Racer Series
Stickman Sam Series
Rage Series
Boxhead Series
Demonic Defense Series
Hapland Series
God's Playing Field 1 & 2
Crush The Castle 1 & 2
Ragdoll Cannon Series
Thing Thing Series (Arena and Story Stuff)
Balls in Space
Territory War
Stickman Sam Series
Legend of Guy Series
SkullKid Series
Deep Creatures
City Shark Series
Turtle Trigger
Truck Loader Series
:the game: Series
Pico Games
Riddle School Series
Madness Accelerant
Don't stuff Your Pants
Madness Deathwish 2
The Visitor Series
The Impossible Quiz Series
Dynasty Street Series
Whack your _____ Series (the originals)
The Bill Cosby Fun Game
Damien Series
Flanders Killer 7
Black Knight
The House 1 & 2
Castle Cat Series
This is Madness Series
Matrix Rampage
Free Icecream
Hungry Pumkin
Fuzzy McFluffenstein Series
One Chance
Double Edged
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Corruption of Champions

Was that a flash game? I could have sworn all the games on Lego's website from that era were shockwave-based.

corporation incorporated

anything by nitrome

bubble tower defense, bubble tanks

i made a big compilation post once, these images are all click-able and should run on Firefox.

Swords and Sandals series

Fancypants series

Thing Thing series

A couple of short classics i remember are 'There Is Only One Level', and 'You Have to Burn the Rope'

Was that a flash game? I could have sworn all the games on Lego's website from that era were shockwave-based.
shockwave flash is still flash
that's why flash has .swf extension, for ShockWave Flash

Achievement Unlocked 2
Happy Wheels
The I of It
Babies Dream of Dead Worlds
Jack Russell
Bunni: How we first met

amateur surgeon 1&2
red ball series
totem destroyer 1&2
huje tower series
everything on this site

also everything on nitrome but i dont think nitrome games use flash

Impossible Quiz 1/2

crazy flasher 3
gangsta bean
streets of valhalla