Author Topic: BLOCKLANDER OF THE YEAR 2020 - CROOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 2177 times)

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Nighthawks cars get slept on so I’m nominating him


not sure.... who should I nominate?

I thought you blew out your shoulder ... modelling
It's a long story funny enough. I'm still recovering, and it wasn't from modeling [specifically/primarily]. It started all the way back in October doing physical activities in the garage (fabrication) and at school--I was probably using muscles that I haven't worked with as I do with daily ones. Those factors plus sitting here at the desk did it, but day by day things get better or just shift around all over the place.

Right now it's just my upper left arm that acts like I pulled a muscle, and I get pain sometimes in the left wrist (carpel tunnel). On the 9th and a couple days ago I went through physical therapy, and funny enough after the first PT appointment, I got most of my range of motion back in my elbows.

TL;DR, days go by, things get healed up or shift around. I am fine/okay right now :)

ANYWAY, I'll give it a go:
1. Me
2. Filipe
3. Cowtastic (WaffleKing)
4. Conan

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dude who made rallypack
night hawk (made some hot cars)
coneman buchanan the farming professional
mr annoying

Me of course

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the guy with most battle royale points

i don't know if anything even happened this year...

i wanna be blokcklander of the year

1. The Brigher Dark
2. DragonoidSlayer (Darksaber2213)
3. Crook

i also un-nominate Devan Sorci so that he has -1 nominations
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fuzztoast asked me in private that if any of you are going to nominate him you have to nominate him under the name Devan Sorci otherwise it wont count. At first i didnt want to do it but since im a nice guy i decided to lend him a helping hand. Continue with the nominations and good luck to all the participants!

1. me
2. me
3. me
4. me

ill let you suck on my tits if you nominate me