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I've never shared many pics of my builds here on the forums and since I don't think I'll ever finish any of my projects I may as well just drop some screenshots of it.

Wild West town

My first town project. Started as map for a controversial gamemode but the project eventually died and I decided to start expanding the map and make my first town, Jackson Hills, Stone County, Georgia.

(School front was based on the one from stranger stings, yes)

Also made a bunch of vehicles starting with the RV for canan's server he never hosted >:(

Breaking bad version heh


Some medieval stuff me and Sable made together.

Florida Keys based map

Scarface mansion. I stuck on making the stairs and good looking railings and never continued it lol

Northern Peaks, Big Mt. County, Montana. So another town project.

also with different color scheme cause wasn't sure which one I like more

Halo based map

Mention fraps and I'll bomb your house
Also some warthogs

and less spammy version w/o any small bricks

60's/70's houses

Epic spammy terrain (looks cool tho)

House based on the traditional houses from my homeland

Veteran's Gunshop. Started it over 2 years ago as a map for aebaadcode to test his guns. Never finished it =^)

Yet another town project, White Church, Henry County, Michigan.

And my latest town project, Harmony, CA

Aaaand a stuffton of props I'm really proud of. No closeup pics cause it would be 29147812948 more screenshots. I gotta sit one day and release the save with them. And yes, my LAN name is Kanna IDK WHY

There's ofc a lot more stuff I built but I either lost save, completely forgot about it or it's not worth showing.
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forget man, the amount of detail is astonishing

10/10 on that 60/70's exterior, nailed it!

forget man, the amount of detail is astonishing
thank u <3

10/10 on that 60/70's exterior, nailed it!
Thanks! I'm really proud of them, hopefully one day I'll sit and make the interiors, especially since most of my props have cool vintage look.

Holy forget, your exteriors are loving amazing!

all super good looking builds. I'm forever a stan of your RV

amazing work, even if unfinished

I'm envious of your building abilities, these all look great