Author Topic: Hazzy's lame pixel art  (Read 1470 times)

Hey! I remember posting some old pixel art here a while ago. But I've improved and here's two things I did recently!

looks pretty nice, if there's soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning i could recommend ya for the future it's hue shifting

this tutorial should explain things better than i do beacuse i don't know what words to use lol, but i totally recommend trying it!

these arent good... they arent good IMO (constructive critisim) noob hahahah ahhahah hahah hahh anoob noob noob (constuctive critism)

shift saturation in addition to hue in certain cases or else things will look crusty:

more value contrast would be good as well. your kirby's shadow and light colors only differ by 5% brightness:

which makes the shadows nearly illegible and therefore ruins the point of having shadows in the first place
shadows exist to define form

Ah! Thank you so much, I'll try to fix them and send the improved forms later.

I tried to add more defined shading and hue scaling to make the shadows look more impactful, as well as attempting to make them look more cohesive.