Author Topic: Unable to host - Invalid Steam Ticket?  (Read 867 times)

Been trying to host so me and a few friends can hang out on BL, opened my ports and such, fixed up UPnP after I saw in the console that it didn't work, but my friends still get stuck sending punch packets. I read through the console some more and I spotted a line saying "Server Auth: FAILED: Invalid Steam Ticket".

I'll attach the console.log, any help would be appreciated.

punch packet hanging doesnt have to do with steam auth - you wouldnt be able to host in the first place if auth didnt work. server auth isnt necessary as you're hosting a listen server (ie server hosted on a client via start game, rather than a dedicated).

id double check your firewall rules both on your computer and on your router, and make sure that the required udp ports are open on the computer you are hosting on. if your friends are still getting --- ping from your server on the server list, the port forwarding isn't correctly done/there's still some network issue going on.