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Badspot seems like a perfectly okay guy to me. Like Black and White said, the only people who seem to have any problem with him are habitually banned users.

definitely dont like badspot. got nothing against him in terms of developing for bl, but dont think hes as good/decent a person as some people make him out to be.

funnily enough ive been banned i think 5 or 6 times on this account, so technically ive been “habitually banned” if you dont count going 5 years between my second last ban and my last ban as enough to make it not habitual.

Well of course perfectly reasonable people can and do dislike each other all the time.

if he's a good person i don't really think it's well reflected in the forum persona. but ive never met him in person so who knows

you would be cynical too if you had to put up with the starfishs on this forum for ten years

the only problem i have with badspot is he never once sent me the key for my old BL_ID (14139) even after I submitted proof of payment to him about a half dozen times thru e-mail and PM's

Badspot did a good job by any reasonable expectations with this game. It's difficult to deal with entitled kids. But my biggest complaint with Badspot is that he is extremely spiteful and will refuse to do things like resolve minor privacy concerns, even when offered money to do so, out of spite for something you did when you were a baby

He also gave me instructions on how to commit suicide when I was like 13
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badspot the absent disassociated libertarian father figure

wait, you mean there's people other than problem users that legitimately dislike badspot?

There's just a lot of people, especially the older veterans of the community, have a grudge that they've been holding since 2011/2012 and with some having a hate boner for him. I don't blame them for feeling that way honestly, I too would've been pissed when something from the game has been ripped out entirely and seeing people leaving all together as a result. But it's like 9 or 10 years since v21 came out and what remainder of the community (I'm saying ~200 Blockland members) it once had have pretty much moved on while still grumbling over this predicament Blockland is in.

I have no opinion on the man other than he made Blockland, that's all I have to say about this really.

holy loving stuff I need to proof read my posts.
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Badspot's just always had this 'angrier on the internet' persona

With a demeanor like that, it's honestly not too surprising that there are people who ended up actually hating the guy

while i can see why there is reason to hate badspot his has never personally slighted me :)

holy loving stuff I need to proof read my posts.

fair enough, honestly when I think about it I'm still upset about the removal of maps it's just long enough ago I don't really think about it much.

I think the output he's done since V21 has been borderline minimal for player retention and it makes him feel a bit distanced towards the community. It sort of feels like he doesn't really care for the game anymore and he clearly has other sources of income by drawing naughty pictures and gifs of phallus' exploding gentlemen's relish.

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