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i hope you guys have genuine connections with eachother because relationships based on internet facades and being mean to other people don't last as it seems has happened nearly immediately with this zotron guy
Yeah we're a tight group and we do harmless banter stuff like that to each other every day, so nobody could've known that he would throw a hissyfit over it after he desperately tried to fit in with us for over a year

dont use my genuine concern to fit a narrative

for reference i don't think myself or anyone here cares about who overreacted to what over league of all things; but its kind of bizarre for a friend group to get on eachother's asses on a public space over something as mundane and stupid as hating league or playing league

i don't understand the purpose but its no third party's place to tell anyone how to handle their relationships
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yeah discussing discord wars publically is extremely cringeworthy but he's had this shtick for a while now, nobody actually gives a stuff about this but him apparently

Itt: toxic people talking about being toxic.

slightly off topic but what do you guys think of my new avatar

slightly off topic but what do you guys think of my new avatar

I liked the old one better  :panda: