Author Topic: Screen problem  (Read 5012 times)

So I have a problem that sprouted up recently and no-one else seemed to be having this issue.
On startup, Blockland freezes. The game is still operating, though.
Instead of updating every frame, the game screen updates only when I move the window or something like that.
Is there anything that could resolve this issue? Thanks.
- Jeshua.

Side note: The game does actually operate when in fullscreen.
But what if I want to use windowed mode, Then that's when the issue occurs. (I used Alt+Enter, I'm sorry.)

try switching between regular window and borderless, could also try clicking off the window and alt tabbing back into it

Also try putting dekstop scaling at 100% instead of 125% or 150%, that causes some weird issues occasionally (right click desktop -> monitor settings).

Is this resolved?

To me it sounds like a problem with your system rather than Blockland.

Try updating your graphics drivers.