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These RETARDS they are nothing but noobs i hate them so much, they ban me from their server for no reason im so tired of it they are noobs noobs i tell you i hate them, in blockland glass they just tell me to kill myself  so much i hate them so much. Ok lets get this straight... there server SUCKS SO MUCH, buts it is the only server where players are on... and it has a LOT (9) right now. all i want to to is play it normally, they say they ban me cause i said the n word and talked about research. BUT THAT IS RIDICULUS... just mute me!!! i went on an alt today and they just muted me... so i came with a compromise, unban my main acc and mute it then ban my alt, reasonable right?? WELL THOSE DUMBASSES said no for NO loving REASON...

I dont know how that image got there. But it seems i cant get rid of it. just loving IGNORE IT dont even bring it up

Boohoo brother.

Also friendly reminder,

[16:18:52] fuzztoast: im gonna kill myself

i've asked you many times to shut the forget up and stop shoving your research habits and other sorts of unfunny stuff down everyone's throats in the server
hell, everybody even voted to have you banned, i just gave them what they want
stop trying to get unbanned by whining about it on your alt, you mainly get banned for being loving stupid

tl;dr: cry about it

when is it gonna stop devan


To clarify what I bolded

Your so dumb it says you photoshopped in IN THE TITLE OF THE IMAGE, are you special or something

Forgot to bring up, joining on an alt while your main is banned is considered, "Ban Evading."

Have fun with your permaban tho

if i was banned anyways... it doesnt matter...

Still waiting on the """"""proof"""""" that i said I was a "creepfile" and "I can't wait to kill and rape my next victim an underage ******" which I'm assuming that's brother with the hard r. Solid arguments though, keep it up.

lets see if this lever solves the problem