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Alright, so after roughly... I'd say 5 years, my graphics card finally kicked the bucket, and committed suicide on bootup.

It was a EVGA GT 620 Low Profile 2 GB, which was released in 2012, info on the graphics card here

So my question is, what's the most, affordable, and underrated graphics card for under $200 USD?

UPDATE : Managed to snipe a Nvidia 1030 GT, hopefully this will do much better than the old one (and be able to run on tezuni's prison with 60 fps and not 30 fps :P)

Thank you to those who suggested some cards for me, really helped choose the right one for me and for the proper price, have a star
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Probably get a good deal on a 1060. If I were you, I'd save up a little bit and get a 2060. Its maybe $500-$600, but its better than buying another "cheap budget" card thats only going to serve you for another year on a fraction of games.

Buy nice, or buy twice.

Just get a 3070 bruh just click faster bruh

30 series cards are extremely hard to get, I got extremely lucky and bought a 3060ti on launch day, and even then, people in the line were actively scalping while purchasing their cards, it made me sick. Do what Sheep says and either get a 1060/2060.

GPU's as a whole are a bitch to get due to various cryptocurrency miners and an overall global chip shortage, paired with high demand due to covid-19

If you need a GPU right now, try to get a 1060 3/6gb, 1050ti, GTX 960, or equal / better AMD equivalent

That'd be your best bet

I'd second on the consensus of getting a 1060 if you can. My only advice is to try to avoid getting one second-hand (Facebook Marketplace, for instance). I had the unfortunate experience of a 3GB EVGA 1060 taking the dumps 6 months in; The guy I bought it from said that it was never used in his arcade machine-building business (emulating or something like that). Was working great until randomly it started spinning at full speed and made my display blackout.

Wait for crypto to crash further, should drive down prices a bit.