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Among Us Crewmate
Version 1.1

bing bing bing bing bing bing bing.... du du du

Fully animated Among Us Crewmate playertype for your servers!

Supports most default avatar equipment and has hands only show up when you use tools/hold items. Also supports slayer uniforms, shoemod, and hatmod!
Has a 2x2x3 brick bounding box, when crouching 2x2x1.5 brick bounding box.

Known bugs:
- spearReady animation doesn't work properly

Look what you made me do Conan lol

Bonus music file for Blockland.
Alt Download:
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there's an among us imposter

- no slayer team uniform support - will add in later
playermodel has to be named m.dts, this will also restore compatibility with most other things and is fine to do since its basically 1:1 with m.dts apart from nodes nobody uses
also knitHat is missing the megaphone ridge texture!!! >:(

Integrating the hat nodes in these player models was a very nice choice.
Though I got to say, they look kinda sus.

Disregard this add-on, it's clearly just a cheap knock-off of mine.


you have saved blockalnd

is there enough people to get a game going

Version 1.1
- Fix missing megaphoneRidge texture
- Add slayer uniform support code
- Fix auto-spawn as amogus

If you do not have Support_Updater, please redownload this addon to get the update.

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