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the only dramas that really need to be archived are the ones about genuine predators like iban, nienhaus, and shizza

i just really hate loving mondays

the only dramas that really need to be archived are the ones about genuine predators like iban, nienhaus, and shizza

joshua moon

ill be sure to ban The Drama Chronicles from my server

this is the most important drama thread ever made
I totally forgot about cubelands until now.

Does anyone else remember disliking certain people a lot but not remembering why?

I remember a lot of people disliking Stocking but I thought she was the hilarious sort of toxic

i was caught talking about sparkling water ass probes on block land the land once. best times

Hi everyone, long time so seesies. I was up last night when I  got a message on Kik from "Setro2" or "Lance", a Blockland player. I dont remember ever talking to him, but he might have been in a group chat with me at some point...? Not sure, but he acted like a loving weirdo, and while I hesitated on doing this, I felt the community needed to know at some point

Chat logs:

I dont know if this is "the norm" around here, but please dont contact me with these kinds of requests. Setro2 has sent me really nasty pictures after this convo and I blocked him this morning. Please take action, thanks.
Welcome to the Blockland love Offender Registry. This is a free service where we keep track of known child enthusiasts who continue to lurk the forum after being outted as a menace to society. Please use this thread as reference whenever you need to do a background check or are otherwise concerned for your child's safety. To submit a user to the registry, post their name, profile and a photograph of their offense.

Clone v.177

Posted sensual photographs of underaged girls online. Confirmed fantasies of sodomizing little girls.


Believed to have an extensive collection of researchographic material involving young girls.  Posted some of said material on the forum resulting in a ban.


Attempted to bait a server to engage in the discussion of creepphilliac fantasies.


Solicited a user he thought was an 11-year-old girl for researchographic pictures of herself.


Admits to preferring the "company" of children over people his own age.

i almost forgot abt stocking completely

holy forget i can't believe i missed that setro drama, what a guy

one drama about me. i was 11 at the time. being a kid on the internet is some stuff lmao.

please change your avatar back to that