Author Topic: The Drama Chronicles  (Read 6195 times)

To make this section more used I thought it would be nice to share some ancient dramas from the old times and chronicle them here. From minor server incidents of elusive brick saving you remember to some starfish's house getting burned down, please feel free to share here to reminisce on the hairpulling and destructo inducing events from years past.

there's one i remember featuring Hoogle that was weird

maybe this one? though this was just a joke, probably

Mr. LoL dramaing me for being a handicapped 13 year old -
forget i mean Lego Lad
holy crap i forgot about that lol

in hindsight it doesnt seem like such a big deal to me now, compared to all the drama thats happened in this community since then

do you still masturbate to women in coats greenbh

damn I just realized we're coming up on the ten year anniversary of that thread in a few weeks. gotta mark that down on my calendar

The court are powerful almost anything, not all... They would throw him real life MEN PRISON above age +18... They see him (preteen boy) as cute pinky butt hole and They (big man brother) mega huge rooster rape his tiny pinky butt hole and He get AIDS until he dead, He realize that he still 13 year old.
holy stuff lmao

do you still masturbate to women in coats greenbh

sadly no, I retired that before my balls dropped