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Cordax Armor Revamp

What is this? And why are you re-uploading this?
This is a revamp of the Item_CordaxArmor add-on developed and created by Cordax. However, one day I came across a topic where Cordax requested someone to fix his code; no one being able to pick up the time to help with his script though. Until last night I got bored and decided to help him out unknowingly.

What have changed in this revamp, compared to the original:
  • Recoded the package that handled damage reduction from a literal wall of if statements to a few lines, while making the hitboxes more sensible.
  • Due to recode, I have also took the time to fix the bizarre issue where wearing a helmet while getting hit in the chest would still reduce damage. It no longer does it but now only applies damage reduction relative to where the projectile hits on the player. Example: Projectile hitting below the shoulders will use the damage reduction provided by the chestplate if one is equipped. Vice versa for the helmets.
  • The damage reduction values are now stored on the mounted armor image datablocks instead, this makes adding new armors much easier to add in the future, as well changing the damage reduction values easier to navigate to.
  • The mountpoint for the chestplate armors have been moved from 1 to 3. This is to make it better compatibility with akimbo weapons. As previously trying to use akimbos while wearing a chestplate armor would cause the armor to be unequipped forcibly.

Important note: I have been given explicit permission by Cordax (BLID: 38498) to upload this revamp to the forums. Please give credits to the original add-on to Cordax. I will only take credits for the recode of this addon (Hologlaxer, BLID: 45370).

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Pretty neat! Thanks for your contribution!

Did you ever fix the ability to duplicate the armors by wearing it and then dropping it?

Did you ever fix the ability to duplicate the armors by wearing it and then dropping it?

No, as I was completely unaware that bug existed since I was too focused on actually fixing the consistency of the damage reduction while cleaning up code.

Sorry for the bump of this topic, but I pushed out another update that fixes some inconsistency with the armors. While also adding a balance change.
  • Balance change: Chestplate now applies a speed debuff; reducing your speed by half of the damage reduction percentage of the chestplate. Example: +30% damage protection results in -15% speed.
  • Fixed helmets and chestplates not re-applying certain avatar nodes when unequipping.
  • Fixed chestplates not hiding more secondary packs avatar nodes, rather than only just hiding armor node.