Author Topic: when is mr beast gonna do a blockland challenge?  (Read 593 times)

he'd probably reinforce the rhetoric that "blockland copied roblox" by putting "PAYING BUILDERS IN A ROBLOX RIPOFF" as the title, so imo don't even wish for such a thing to happen

he did minecraft where is blockland?
Zoomers don't want to play Blockland when they already have the stupefyingly simple building tools of Minecraft and Roblox, and all of the other flashy modern games taking up their attention. If they even find out what Blockland is, they'll either call it a rip-off of Minecraft or Roblox, or start crying about the game being dead, even though the simple solution to making a dead game alive is just to play it. You give a lot more credit to Mr. Beast and his audience than is deserved.