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This release has been long overdue, and I'm sorry I have kept you guys waiting. I just wanted to make sure things were done right.

I was originally planning to do a V3 model update way back when I released the older version of the Bolt. There were some modern day features I couldn't figure out back then that I implemented now, and plus I was not pleased with how the old V3 model turned out.

So with that introductory out of the way, at revision/version 5 of this project, I introduce what I believe has topped my previous Magnum Opus, the Vitesse Ettor. Vitesse is french for speed, and Ettor being the first name of the founder of the Veyron himself: Ettor Bugatti.


  • Three variants: Default, GS (Grand Sport), and SS (Super Sport)
  • Support_Garage categories for Body, Secondary, Tertiary*, and Spoiler
  • Support_EngineSound integration
  • Air Spoiler Mechanics: When you reach a certain speed, the air spoiler extends. While above that speed and you press space (the brake), the air brake engages/disengages. The spoiler will retract when you slow down.
  • This addon is seperate from Vehicle_Bolt, and will not conflict with datablocks

*Tertiary category only for GS variant to replicate Grand Sport Vitesse trims.


Requires both Support_EngineSounds and Support_Garage to work properly

Download from Blockland Glass

Download from Blockland Online
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