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Yes. Strawberry reigns victorious.
Also who would vote thanksgiving.

Also who would vote thanksgiving.
guilty. i voted thanksgiving because it's a time to be thankful for what you have, even if it doesn't seem like much, and for people to put their differences aside and just enjoy good food together. I would have voted 4th of July but that wasn't on the list :O

as a kid, christmas just brought disappointment as I'm sure it did to many kids who didn't have high-income parents - but as an adult though the joy of giving another person a gift just to see their reaction is quite nice. i guess you could say that I finally understand the saying "it's the thought that counts" that you hated hearing adults say when you got a seemingly crummy gift as a kid. also I've grown to enjoy many of those christmas classics I watched growing up.

halloween was always my favorite holiday back then tho because my friends and I got to dress up and run around the neighborhood sifting the streets for candy lol. sometimes we'd even visit the same house twice if we knew who lived there and wanted to mess with em see if we could get some extra candy. then afterwards you get to trade and profit some twizzlers or dots by bartering some sucker friend with a pack of milkduds >:D

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I think holloween is most of our childhood favorites.

Thanks giving always felt like level 0 Christmas to me because it was practically the same thing except christmas lasted longer.
Break from school/work, friends/family visit, good food and good times.
The shift in weather from thanksgiving to christmas is more or less nonexistent where I lived.
Christmas presents remained a mostly foreign concept for myself until later in my life, and I realize that probably changes my perception on the holiday.
Christmas is better imo.

Halloween when I have friends, thanksgiving when no friends because my family has to invite me.

Yes. Strawberry reigns victorious.
Also who would vote thanksgiving.
honestly if i hadn't chosen halloween it would be thanksgiving. idk what it is i just like the atmosphere and the family aspect

skeleton day is better though

Dang I missed voting, I would have picked Thanksgiving to. Unpopular opinion I don't like Halloween.