Author Topic: is there going to be a new years eve party this year?  (Read 730 times)

i just need a reason to spend more than 5 minutes on blockland again

Queuenard is Kalphiter, Kalphiter started the trend of having a yearly New Years server, we've come full circle 9 years later

Queuenard is Kalphiter
I had no idea they were the same person

I've missed a lot of the new years parties these last couple of years but I'm going to try to go to this one, it's like the only consistent annual event and honestly I'm shocked we didn't embrace it more these last two years what with a literal global pandemic keeping us indoors.

Who would I rather virtual new years with, my family, or some teenagers Ive never met in real life- obviously the teenagers  :cookieMonster:

The last 2 years were ruined by people that i will not name because i will puke when i do

someone please record it. Sadly I wont be able to make it. Happy new years!

Server reached a peak of 86 players

A big step down from previous years, but it's probably surprising that even that many people still hop onto this game just to celebrate a new year with a bunch of strangers

Aww I wish I'd joined but I was somewhat preoccupied.