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another forum post complaining about this game being dead

normally one of these threads would start with something obvious like "blockland is dying" or some stuff

and while yes the serverlist is more dry than asphalt, its clear that no one is going anywhere. after all, someone's gotta be there to play AoD at 8:24 in the morning
(I'm not exaggerating.)

but what i wanna touch on is exactly what the game plan for moving this game forward would be.

since the only way that badspot is going to make the game free-to-play is for LITERALLY NO ONE TO BUY IT. FOR YEARS ON END.
we would have to take matters into our own hands reviving this old barren lego game.

although that's not gonna be easy because this game fell from its throne harder than the British empire and a lot of changes have been made that would make that job not easy.

so let's break it down all of our obstacles that we would have to hurdle over

-----Exhibit A:-----
The Serverlist.

so imagine you're a brand new blockland user still rocking your blockhead nametag, and you click "Join a Game" only to be greeted with...


so tackling the obvious issue of no one being online...


...except for when they're playing Age of Dungeons,
 the best way I could think of solving the issue of not knowing what to play is to kick back to the old days of having a freebuild in the serverlist 24/7, so all the newbies can flock to it and build richards everywhere. the way blockland was supposed to be played.
but even then, it would probably get ruined somehow because people ruin everything and nothing is sacred in blockland.

but other than that, i don't really know what to do on this front.

But wait, what players?

-----Exhibit B:-----
The players.

oh boy, the players. not much we as a community can do besides recommend this dead ass game to all of our friends only for it to remain unplayed in their steam library for years on end.
as many other blockland users have said before, (whats left of them.) "a popular youtuber would have to play this game so that it would become relevant again."
but the problem with that is, well... if a youtuber plays this game and all of their fans flock to it, if they have a toxic or annoying fanbase, that's likely gonna be some annoying stuff to deal with. but hey, atleast this game would become relevant again, and they might share the game to their friend and continue a chain of buying this game and telling other people about it.

lmao sike

getting back to a more realistic note, if that were to happen, it would likely take hours of playing this game, positive experiences of this game at that, to invoke such a response. and with no servers to play on and no one online, things are gonna be feeling more like No Players Online than they are blockland.


-----Exhibit C:-----

Closing thoughts

but all of those are my ideas. if you couldn't tell i am kind of creatively bankrupt on what to do about this games dwindling population and overall decline.
what are some of yall's ideas on how this game can be defibrillated back into existence?

honestly any ideas at this point would probably benefit this game.*

a popular youtuber realistically wouldn't make a video on blockland in the first place becasue they would see the almost empty server list and go "nah this isn't worth my time".

at this point there's nothing we can really do to increase the playercount, things are going to be this way until badspot eventually decides to stop paying for the servers.

the problem is that even back in 2020 the game was doing fine, servers were being hosted regularly with people in them. hell, even like back in july and august blockland was alright. the problem is that anytime the game gets servers being hosted regularly with people they just get loving ddosed and are forced to stop hosting, it's literally the reason why most servers are password protected now, it's because they cant just host in peace.

I dont think a popular youtuber should make a video or that it would help the current community.
I think blockland needs a home grown content producer to really show what blockland has to offer.

Regardless of videos though, what is holding blockland back from growing is the toxic gatekeeping community.
Anytime someone asks any question they shut them down. Most of the gatekeepers dont even regularly play the game.

Blockland is not for everyone. Children should go to roblox instead as blockland has a more mature community overall. Blockland is also for more technically inclined individuals as in order to get the full experience alot of tinkering is required. When a individual finally finds the game and chooses to ask about it they are greeted with enmity. Not hope.

Alot of the older community just wants to put blockland on a shelf and forget about it, unless they are feeling nostalgic and choose to revisit it. This isnt a bad thing, but its not at what supports a active game. It may be blocklands fate to die out, but its somewhat active community still means it has a chance, or in the very least, it should have a chance.

this is just what happens to old games. it's delusional to think that even making the game free would actually help in the long term. it's time to move on

people are back to school and work after christmas and new years eve

which means people dont have much time to get on blockland

people are back to school and work after christmas and new years eve

which means people dont have much time to get on blockland
this too

i wouldnt worry about it

Or just enjoy what's left and realize that maybe the game has finally run its course?

Or just enjoy what's left and realize that maybe the game has finally run its course?
The point of bringing attention to this topic is that blockland isnt dead. And shouldve died many years ago. If its not gonna die it better live, but its not exactly living (hence stagnation) The OP is calling for no more stagnation. What we can actually do about stagnation is another matter.

people are back to work after christmas and new years eve
You guys got christmas off?

f2p will never happen, i don't see badspot being particularly interested in hosting anything for free. not that f2p would do anything significant anyway.